Types of Handles

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There are 3 types of handles in HIKARI scissor and each has different characteristics.

Understand its characteristic and choose your best and comfortable scissor.

1. Opposing / Symmetry Handle

The basic handle of scissors. Compared to offset handle, motion blade is longer and powerful by principal of leverage. At thinning scissors, using static blade and motion blade makes variety of cutting technique on inside cut and outside cut.

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2. Offset Handle

Both finger rings are positioned asymmetrically and sum’s handles is shorter than ring finger’s.  Compared to opposing / symmetry handle, sum’s movement is orbital and more natural, therefore more relaxed and comfortable.

It enables open-close movement faster and more stable than opposing grip.

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3. CRANE Handle

With the characteristic of Offset handle, CRANE handle keeps your elbow and shoulder lower, therefore relaxed. Compared to other two types, the center-line indicated in red run through center of static finger ring. You don’t need to push up thumb’s ring high, compared to other handles. It keeps comfortable for long time cutting by positioning your hand to shoulder more natural and relaxed.

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