C-Texturizer 729

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C-Texturizer 729, HIKARI’s patented thinning scissor, is specialized at bulk removal of hair for scissor over comb.


With its high removal ratio of 70%, (cuts about 70 hairs out of 100),  your cutting will be dramatically faster than before.

This unique scissor is specialized at scissor over comb.

Unlike other bulk remove thinning scissor, 729 has narrow teeth on comb blade.

This unique comb blade enables cutting demarcation unclear, compared to the other.

With this C-Texturizer 729, you will be able to create meticulous & soft texture in short time.


・31 tooth / Removal: 70% / Reverse Blade

・Molybdenum Cobalt Material

・Convex blade / edge stick blade

・Uniquely sharpened comb blade

・Sectorial Pivot with Super Smoother

・V shaped tooth

・Crane Handle

・Decoration shell cap attachable


 Unique Comb Blade:


This unique comb blade the secret enables you to perform meticulous & soft texture on hair cutting.

There are three pockets on each teeth.


Those pockets hold hairs accurately when closing scissor to cut hairs.

Previously, function of comb blade is to hold hairs. Hairs were cut by only a stick blade.

When teeth and blade meets, hair is pushed and teared off. This causes damage on hairs.

But HIKARI’s comb blade is also sharpened to cut hairs by both stick and comb blade as cutting scissor does.

This makes hair section clean and less damage on hair.


Crane Handle & Sectorial Pivot With Super Smoother:


Crane Handle keeps your shoulder and elbow lower, more natural position, therefore keeps you more relaxed and comfortable than other types of handles. It is suitable for cutting long time and removing bulk.

Sectorial Pivot wits Super smoother is, also, one of HIKARI’s patented technology.

This wide pivot area enables open scissor wider and enables to have much hairs in one time.

Super Smoother decreases friction and provides ultra smoothness.

  Here is our cutting seminar video held in Korea.

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