HIKARI 50th Anniversary Memorial Scissors

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50th Anniversary Scissors


Only 2000 pairs available all over the world.


Masterpiece of HIKARI’s technology and craftsmanship cultivated for 50 years of our history.

Two Models Available:

【”5060″ 6.0 inch】


【”5068″ 6.8 inch】



  • HIKARI Original Convex Sword Blade
  • Special Finger Ring
  • Widely sculptured Finger Ring
  • Super Smoother
  • Special Logo Mark

Hikari Sword Convex:

Originally designed unique blade which has thickness compared to ordinary convex blade.
This thickness allows cutting powerfully.
The Synergistic effect of Hikari Convex and Sword shape provides excellent smoothness in cutting.


Special Finger Ring:

Beautifully sculptured finger rings, which provides stability and comfortability.
Special resin, HIKARI ruby red, is engraved on a finger ring.


Special Logo Mark:

Specially designed logo mark is for this model only.  

With special thanks, you have a choice of HIKARI ruby red / Crystal center stone cap is available.

Contact Us if you have any questions.
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