One of the reasons that HIKARI scissors are used for a long time, is because we can customize your scissor based on your preferences. Everyone is unique and different, therefore HIKARI scissors are also. HIKARI provides “customized scissors for every hair professional”.
Create your own and enjoy hair cutting more and more.

Do you have any HIKARI scissors that you are not using?
Is it because you are not comfortable with your scissor?
Do you want the finger holes to be larger or smaller?
Do you want to switch the handle on your scissor, with another scissor handle?

Contact us, if you have a special request for your HIKARI scissors.

Let’s make your original, unique and very special scissor just for you!

Customize Explanation
Change Hit Point / Silencer to Make Sound By replacing the rubber hit point with a metal one, scissors will make a rhythmic “clicking sound” when closing and hitting the point.
Change Blade to “Guide Blade” “Guide blade enables more precise blunt cutting. Outer blade is ground down to concave to fit comfortably on finger and inner blade to scoop hair.
Make Scissor Tip Thinner Making scissor tip narrower enables more precise cutting.
Adjust Handle Length Changing handle length longer or shorter enables you to feel more comfortable.
Change Halde Parts to Another Model’s You can switch your scissor’s handle with another scissors’. Making it original and one-of-a-kind.
Change Handle Type to Crane Handle We arrange handle lengths and angles to make the centerline of scissors to be center of static finger ring.
Crane handle is more comfortable keeping your elbow and shoulder in a low and more natural position, therefore more relaxed.
Remove Finger Rest If you don’t feel that the finger rest is necessary, remove it or change the length of the finger rest to make it shorter.
Attach Finger Rest (Removable screw type) For more support, attach a removable finger rest. The screw type can be removed as needed.
Attach Finger Rest (Permanent welded type) For more support, attach a permanent finger rest. The metal rest is welded for permanent use.
Change Finger Ring Size If the finger holes are too big your fingers will get tired, and if the finger holes are too small it will be uncomfortable.
Adjust Outer Finger Ring If the outer ring side is uncomfortable, we will grind partially to fit better.
Make Peak on a Blade Thinner If you like thinner scissors for finishing, we can modify the thickness of the blades.
Adjust Blade Size* If you like long or short scissors that are not in our line up, you can make one.
Add Ring Charm Make your scissor more elegant by attaching a ring charm on the finger ring.
Name Marking Putting your name on your scissor is a great way to personalize it.
Make Lefty Scissor* There are not as many choices for the leftys, but we can make a right hand scissor in a lefty. Some models are not available.
*New order only.