Be aware of fake HIKARI scissors

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you very much for your support.

We recently received phone call from customers that they found or purchased fake HIKARI scissors from unofficial dealers by Internet.

They are using our “光” logo and put “JAPAN” on the scissors but actually its manufactured in China.

We are using “HKR” and “Made in Japan” logo for our official HIKARI scissors in Chinese market.

Please also beware for the internet scissors’ sellers. They are mostly using our scissors’ photos on their website and deliver fakes.

And also beware Internet sellers. Our distributors are not allowed selling our scissors by Internet.

日本光(中国商標HKR)牌剪刀的仿造品在中国市場也出現了銷售. 請使用者注意.


Difference between Authentic and Fakes HIKARI Scissors

×Fake HIKARI Scissors
Fake scissors are manufactured in China, so they just put JAPAN marking under “光”.


○Authentic HIKARI Scissors for Chinese Market

Official scissors are engraved “HIKARI” mark under the “HKR” logo Also “Made in Japan”, engraved on the back side.

在中国国内所銷售的光牌真品的商品商标為 HKR HIKARI.

We are manufacturing in Japan, so we put MADE IN JAPAN engraving on the back side.

日本製造的商品註明 MADE IN JAPAN.