Hair Cut Seminar @Moscow 2019

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Hair Cut Seminar

Our CEO, Shinichi has been to Moscow, Russia to hold hair cut seminar.

It has been almost 5 years since he visited Russia last time.

This time, his main purpose of visit is to attend hair cut seminars as an instructor

Content of the Seminar

Hikari Scissor is the most sold high-end hair scissor in Japan.

CEO Shinichi Takahashi, experienced hair stylist, lectures how to create 3D movement on a hair cut by slide/slice cut, using Hikari scissor B-DRY, “the most sold scissor for slide/slice cut in ASIA”.

He suggests how to create 3D and movement on hair style.

B-Dry, the unique scissor for dry haircut, lets you create soft texture and 3D movement on hair style by just closing scissors.

This technique will make client happy allowing them to set their hair style easier.

Slide/Slice cut is not a feeling, it is important to understand the theory to perform precision cutting.

*Simple and precision basic cut

*Theory and application of slide/slice cut

*Suggestion of B-Dry technique suitable for various hair style

*How to create texture using B-DRY and thinning/texturizer

At this seminar, you can enjoy using actual Hikari Scissor: Blunt・Thinning/Texturizer・Slide/Slice. From a manufacture’s and user’s point of view, this seminar contains a lot of information and knowledge about scissors.

He explained craftmanship and technique using Hikari Scissors

It seems he had great time sharing his mind and thoughts with Russian hair stylists.

Thank you very much for attending the event and taking care of him!

We hope to meet you again in Russia!

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