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Hikari New Product


Explore the ultimate sharpness, excellent feeling in cutting!

You will know the difference in just one cut!

Once cut will let you feel the difference, the ultimate soft sharpness in cutting.

Designed especially for those who have slim fingers.

Excellent comfort and control by lightweight.


Cut Scissor 

115 ・・・5.5 inch

116 ・・・6.0 inch

General Feature

Material ・・・ Ultimate sharpness by combination of two different finest materials.

・Static Blade: Molybdenum Cobalt

・Motion Blade: Molybdenum

Blade Shape: Hikari Original Sword Convex

Combination of Hikari Convex, the ultimate sharpness and powerfullness of sword blade.



715 ・・・5.8 inch / 15-20% Removal / 25 teeth

716 ・・・5.8 inch / 25-30% Removal / 21 teeth

General Feature

Material ・・・ Molybdenum Cobalt

Enjoy the unique sharpness of Hikari Convex and premium material.

Excellent handling and soft sharpness in cutting.

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