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Announcement of Hikari Photo Contest

Hikari is going to hold a photo contest #hikariphotocon2021 on Instagram.
It’s been more than 50 years since our established by Fukutaro.
We have a few thousands or millions? of customers using Hikari scissors all over the world.
We hope this to be a global event as one Hikari.
Please show us your photos with Hikari scissors or Hikari cuticle nippers!!


From October 1st to December 31st, 2021

Award: will be announced on January-February, 2022

※will be announced on Hikari official website and/or SNS.

Judge: a third party (Photographers)

※number of Like won’t be considered.


Any photos that has Hikari scissors or Hikari Cuticle Nipper in it.
You can take photos of Hikari scissors or you can take photos of how you are using it.


For Hairstylist

1st Award: SEV COSMOS S-21M・・・ 1 person

2nd Award: SEV COSMOS S-6.0 ・・・1 person

3rd Award: B-Dry COSMOS 164  ・・・1 person

4th Award: Brand-New Texturizer for fade cut ・・・1 person

5th Award: Lucis 745・・・2 persons

6th Award: Koryu 507 ・・・2 persons

For Nailist

1st Award: Swan・・・1 person

2nd Award: Tiara3.0・・・2 persons

3rd Award: PRO2030・・・2 persons

4th Award: NEW Nipper・・・2 persons

5th Award: Cuticle Pusher by Felicia(PRO)・・・10 persons

6th Award: Cuticle Pusher by Felicia(Standard)・・・10 persons

For Hairstylist and Nailist

7th Award: Free sharpening service ticket*3 ・・・ 5 persons

8th Award: Free sharpening service ticket*2 ・・・10 persons

9th Award: Free sharpening service ticket*1 ・・・15 persons

10th Award: Hikari Original Apron・・・5 persons

11th Award: Ukiyo-e T-Shirt・・・ 100 persons

12th Award: Hikari Original Tote Bag・・・30 persons

How to Participate

  1. Follow Hikari official account @hikariscissors.jp on Instagram
  2. Have a tag: hikariscissors.jp on your photo.
  3. Post the photo having the following tags:
    1. Hairstylist
      1. #hikariphotocon2021
      2. #hikariscissors
    2. Nailist
      1. #hikariphotocon2021
      2. #hikariscissors
      3. #hikarinipper

Application Condition

・Follow us @hikariscissors.jp on Instagram.
・There must be a Hikari scissor or Hikari cuticle nipper in the photo.
・Have the indicated hash tags.
・Do NOT make your account private after you’ve posted.
・You can post several photos during the event, however prize is given for one post.
・Use your own Hikari scissors or Hikari cuticle nippers.
・You can have tools in the photos, however do not have non-Hikari scissors and/or cuticle nippers.
・Regardless of the result, your photo may be used on Hikari website, SNS, catalog and etc. Therefore, it is limited to post that have been approved for publication in advance.
・It is ok whether or not the photos was shot using equipment or edited(photoshopped).
・You can post a photo that you have posted in the past by tagging hikariscissors.jp and the indicated hash tags.

Things to be careful:

・A post without a tag hikariscissors.jp and/or the indicated hash tags will be invalid.
・A post that has non-Hikari scissors and/or cuticle nipper will not be a subject to judge.
・Regardless of the result, your photo may be used on Hikari website, SNS catalog and etc. Therefore, if necessary, please obtain the approval of the publication in advance before posting.
・No compensation will be paid for using the post. All the photos are limited to your original works in which you have all the rights including portrait rights and copy rights).
・The phots are limited to those that do not contain anything that violates the law, such as infringing the rights of a third party.
・If you want to use a portrait of a third party in your submitted work, please make sure that you agree that it will be published on the site before posting. In the event of a dispute with a third party regarding the posting of a photo, the poster shall resolve the dispute at the poster’s responsibility and expense. In any cases, Hikari will not be involved at all.
・All the works are limited to those that do not include any personal identifiable information, such as name, address, telephone number and etc.
・You are not eligible to participate if your account is private and not open to public.
・Hikari Corporation shall not be liable to any legal problems related to the post or comments on this event. ・Please check how to use the app when you are participating the contest.
・This contest is run by Hikari Corporation and Instagram is not involved at all.
・If we find a post that is not suitable for this contest, we will take necessary procedure to ensure a proper operation.
・We may ask a poster to take a photo for promotional purposes.
・Anything that are related to this contest are subject to change without notice.
・Applicants are responsible for all the costs incurred in connection with the application.

For the Award

・If we found that the awarded post violates this agreement, or if Hikari Corporation determines that it violates lows and regulations, the prize will be canceled and the prize shall returned even after the prize has been shipped.
・We will ask you to confirm whether the photo was taken by yourself when contacting for the award.
・If your Instagram account is deleted or not following Hikari official account @hikariscissors.jp, when we contact you for the award, the prize will be cancelled.
・If you don’t receive a direct mail when we contact for the prize, the prize will be canceled.

For the Shipping of the Award

●We will send a direct message from @hikariscissors.jp for the award winner.
●Please contact us after you received a direct message within the deadline.
●If you don’t reply us within the deadline, your right to get the prize will be invalid.
●If you are not following @hikariscissors.jp, your prize will be invalid.
●If the prize cannot be delivered due to improper input at your address or invalid contact information, your prize will be invalid.
●The prize belongs to the person and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash to a third party.
●Shipping cost is afforded by Hikari Corporation, however custom declaration fee, import tax or etc will be applied to the person who receives the prize.

【IMPORTANT NOTICE】 Please be aware of impersonation accounts on Instagram.

Please be aware of fake or impersonation accounts and direct messages that pretend being as Hikari using our logos, profiles as if they are an official.

Privacy Policy

Hikari Corporation. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is used to define a privacy policy as follows, and regarding the protection of personal information such as customer name, date of birth, address, application contents, etc. .

1, basic way of thinking

We recognize that we are important to carefully handle information about customers. We handle the information provided by customers properly.

2, Use of the information provided

(1) We will use the information provided for limited purposes only, such as providing services and related information, and contacting inquiries.
(2) We will not provide information provided to any third party unless the following applies to one of the following:
· If there is a customer’s consent in advance
· When we offer to the business consignee and partners who have concluded a confidentiality agreement, etc.
· When judged necessary by law
· When considered necessary for public benefit

3, Protection of the information provided

(1) We take the necessary measures for leakage, loss or damage to the information provided, and the necessary measures for proper management.
(2) For information provided by “Inquiry” on our website, use Data Cryptography Technology (SSL) and communicate with communication time.

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